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How to Hand Roll? - Easy Technique For You

How to Hand Roll? - Easy Technique For You

The art of rolling anything involves a gentle touch, rightly guided technique, and precise handling. You must carefully handle this delicate work, whether a cigar or sushi. It’s surprising to know that many people still practice this hand-rolling technique. Many American and the Caribbean find it exciting and entertaining to hand-roll a cigar or cigarette. 

Let’s find out how to execute this unique technique using expert advice.

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What Is Hand Roll?

A hand roll is a cylindrical object shaped between your hands' palms. By exerting mild force and back-and-forth movement of your hand, the object turns out to be slender. You can hand roll a meat kabab, sushi, cigar, pasta, yarn, etc. 

It is a simple practice and needs no expert handling. You can hand roll any object around you by practicing it once or twice.

How to Make Hand Roll Using Easy Technique?

Although the marketplace integrates a bulk of rolling aids, hand rolling is an inexpensive way of making a cigarette. Besides the price factor, hand-roll cigarette takes you back to the era when this methodology was quite common. 

Practice is the key to success in mastering this rolling game. You can create a fine-looking cigar using the proper techniques and tools. Even though you’re a beginner, you can still roll a cigar like a pro by following these simple guidelines. 

Sorting Out Essential Items

Before proceeding, you must fetch every single item to prepare a cigar. For this purpose, you need these essential items: rolling papers and tobacco. A filter is an additional item, as you can skip adding it. However, experts endorse this item, as it significantly reduces the negative impacts of tobacco. 

You can get all these products from Amsterdam’s smoke and vape online store. From there, you can have an eco-friendly rolling paper that gives a different smoking experience. Interestingly, these rolling papers come in different flavours. To enhance the experience, you can buy fresh and organic tobacco from Amsterdam’s store. 

Adjust the Size of a Rolling Paper

After arranging all the necessary items, start with the rolling paper. First, you must designate the right size of a rolling paper. This precise measuring practice is necessary for multiple reasons. Most importantly, it will affect the size of your cigarette. The larger the rolling paper, the more tobacco it contains, and the bigger cigarette will be.

Secondly, the size of a rolling paper significantly affects the hand rolling. So, if you’re a beginner, determine an appropriate rolling paper size to enhance the ease of rolling. 

Assembling the Items

Now comes the assembling part. After cutting out the rolling paper rectangular, place it on a flat surface. Remember, the gummed side should be facing upward. To determine the adhesive surface, look for the thin, sticky strips that appear like troughs. 

Place the filter at the leftmost portion of the rolling paper. A filter usually occupies ¼ th of the paper. Hence, cover the remaining ¾ th portion with tobacco. 

Many people get confused about the correct proportion of tobacco. Ideally, you must place the tobacco in a moderate amount. Too much tobacco can make hand-rolling difficult for you. On the other hand, adding too little tobacco will produce a loose cigarette which is hard to burn. 

Even the Distribution of Tobacco

You don’t want a cigarette that fails to give you a nice puff. To avoid this situation, try evenly distributing tobacco on the rolling paper. Moreover, it will also make the rolling process a bit easier.

For this, pick up the rolling paper and turn it into a U-shape. Slowly roll the paper between your thumb and middle finger whilst keeping your fingers grip at the edges. This maneuver will gently push the tobacco downward so that the rolling paper will get more slender. 

Start Rolling

Here comes the most exciting and most-awaited step. Although this part is quite hard to get the hang of, practice can make it much more manageable. Try to focus on your fingers’ grip and movements. 

Once you have perfectly held the rolling paper, start rolling it. Further, move your thumb downward to adjust the edges of the rolling paper. Continue doing it, until the adhesive part of the rolling paper sticks to the opposite side. 

This part is tricky, for if the roll is loose at the filter’s end; it will fall apart. That’s why keep it fairly tight so that it can burn well. 

Seal the ends

For the adhesive action, your saliva works well. For this, apply a small amount of the saliva to the opened end and apply mild pressure. This technique will seal your cigarette and make it ready to smoke. 

If the tobacco has spilt over during the rolling, insert some amount into the end. After adding, try to squeeze it down using a pencil. Later, seal the ends either using your saliva or adhesives. This way, your cigarette is well-packed and ready to smoke. 

Pros and Cons of Hand Roll Cigarettes

Hand rolling is a conventional way of making cigarettes. Although it’s not common, many people worldwide make cigarettes manually. Let's see if this process is best left to the pros.


  • An inexpensive way of making cigarettes
  • A quick way of making cigarettes 
  • You can keep a check on the amount of tobacco and filter quantity
  • When you need to make a cigarette, you smoke less often


  • It can leave tobacco odour on your fingers.
  • Making hand-roll cigarettes can be tricky for beginners.
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Final Thoughts

Many smokers opt for pre-rolled cigarettes. On the contrary, other prefer hand rolling to alter the amount of tobacco and filter. In this current financial turmoil, you’re always seeking budget-friendly things. Fortunately, hand rolling technique is a gateway to your financial pressure. Using this trick, you can cut back on your expenses.

Moreover, you can customize cigarettes according to your preferences and requirements. For instance, if you pay $5 for a cigarette pack, the cost is reduced to half in the case of hand-rolled cigarettes. 

Therefore, follow these easy steps to hand roll cigarettes, equally potent and 100% organic as commercial ones.