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What Is HHC? How Does It Compare To THC?

What Is HHC? How Does It Compare To THC?

There has been a lot of debate about the cannabis strains HHC and THC with their potential benefits. The thriving demand is evident from the 30.4% annual growth rate of the Medical & Recreational Marijuana Growing industry in the US. 

Delta 9 THC is the global leader with millions of users. However, the cannabis strain is not only about THC; there are other choices for all marijuana users. Hence, HHC is one of the promising strains. 

Though it is alien to several people, it is equally important with ample health benefits. So, this article will discuss HHC and compare both to help you shop the best!

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What Is HHC?

The answer to what is HHC cannabinoid is that HHC (hexahydrocannabinol) is the hydrogenated version of THC. The strain discovered in 1944 by American chemist Roger Adams is still alien to numerous global markets. Earlier, it was a marijuana-derived THC. 

However, the tables have turned, and it is derived from hemp now. It is a CB1 (cannabinoid 1) receptor influencing the central nervous system of your body. Hence, it impacts memory, hunger, and sleep. It's chemical formula of C21H32O2, which means two hydrogen atoms (H2) mixing with THC. 

How Is It Made, And What Medical Benefits?

Though it is found naturally in the cannabis plant but in limited quantity, experts produce them artificially in a lab. It is lab created by hydrogenating THC, which is two hydrogen atoms mixing with THC. 

The THC is hydrogenated along with including hydrogen atoms in it to stabilize. Hence, it gets resistant to UV, oxidation, and heat.

Though there isn't much research on the medical benefits of HHC, some of the research are:

  •  A study in 2011 shows some artificial analogs of it "strongly inhibited breast cancer cell-induced angiogenesis and tumor growth."
  • A paper published by a Japanese researcher in 2007 emphasized the commendable discomfort properties of HHC in mice. However, we must determine if it will also be an outstanding neuropathic drug!
  • Works well in spasm associated conditions, such as multiple sclerosis.
  • Helpful in loss of appetite 
  • Ideal for insomnia patients 
  • Cure nausea and vomiting

What Is THC?

The answer to what is THC cannabinoid, is that THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) is a psychoactive cannabinoid from the plant. THC is the primary compound getting you high in smoking weed. The strain functions by binding with the CB1 receptor, which is present in the body's endocannabinoid system. 

It stimulates your brain cell to release the natural bodily chemical dopamine to make you feel good. The CB1 receptor helps in easing up stress, sleep, and pain. Hence, the compound helps in treating these body ailments. Its chemical formula is C21H30O2. 

Similarities Between HHC And THC?

You are always considering the comparison between HHC and THC, but the surprising part is that they have much in common. Let us have a quick look at some points, bringing them on the same page:

  • The interaction with the (cannabinoid 1) CB 1 Receptors is the primary point that brings both strains together.
  • Research shows that both have an identical impact on uneasiness, appetite, nausea, mood, etc.
  • They are produced from the Delta 8 hemp compound
  • Both of them will do the job of getting you high
  • The mode of consumption is somehow similar in both
  • Cannabis strains have a psychoactive impact. 

HHC Vs THC, Which One Is Stronger?

Before getting into the race of which one is stronger, it is essential to understand its chemical structure. THC is a clear winner when you talk about the complex cannabinoid. 

Thus, it leads to HHC in the affinity to the body's receptors. Consequently, THC is potent and has a more substantial impact than the other.

However, in terms of medical benefits, THC has been on the winning side once again due to its global recognition.

The THC is thrice more potent than the typical marijuana and five times stronger than HHC. It has a more substantial and less lasting effect. So, if you ask how long THC stays in the system, the answer is 2 to 6 hours maximum.

HHC Vs THC, Which Chemical Compound Is Better?

HHC differs from THC in chemical compounds. THC has delta 9's double bond, while HHC has a hydrogen bond, which means it is stable and promises longer shelf life. 

Yet, this question can be slightly modified, which compounds do the job for you? Is HHC safe? Or how strong is HHC compared to THC? So, it is around 60 to 70 percent stronger than THC; thus, people intolerant to THC high find it a better compound. 

The primary factor that decides which chemical compound is better is the lasting effect. HHC has a long life, so it is the perfect chemical compound to relieve uneasiness and discomfort for a long time. 

Besides, its psychoactive impacts last longer, so people with the respective need can use it. Likewise, THC is a shorter but stronger effect, so if you want an intense impact, the THC compound is your thing.

HHC And THC, Their Reaction To Your Body!

Though both strains have similar effects on the body, there is a slight modification. Both strains mainly focus on the Cannabinoid! or CB 1 receptors all over the brain and central nervous system. 

Targeting the CB1 receptor produces a euphoric high with other plus points, such as uneasiness alleviation, anti-inflammation, sleep promotion, and general health and wellness. 

The bonding of THC with the CB 1 receptor is with more affinity, which leads to higher than the HHC. Besides, it also modifies your brain's communication pathways. Hence, there can be short or long-term modifications in brain functioning.

HHC Vs THC, Which One Is Better For Users?

The answer to HHC or THC, is which one is better? Solely relies on the users, their requirements, usage, and body reaction. The effects of HHC are yet to be discovered as it is not famous like THC. 

However, people report feeling relaxed and lesser anxious with HHC when using THC.

Moreover, THC is more potent; therefore, it makes a more substantial impact that lasts for a few hours. The other is milder but produces a long-lasting effect lasting up to 12 hours. 

So, if you want a powerful impact go for THC. But for the long last effect, a cleaner high with zero hangovers, it is suitable for health benefits like relaxation, pain relief, and stress-free time. We have gathered some of the user reviews:

  • A user claims preferving HHC over THC as it does not make you feel sluggish or heavy headed. Hence, you can socialize or do your job.
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There are no two ways about the fact that they are two excellent compounds with remarkable similarities. However, THC produces a powerful high lasting for a few hours. However, the answer to whether HHC gets you high is yes, but its effects are prolonged effects lasting for 12 hours.

A detailed study of the difference between HHC and THC allows you to pick one suitable for your needs and body. However, make sure to understand your body tolerance before making a purchase decision. 

We have provided all the factors in the above content, but the ultimate decision is yours, as you know your body better. Moreover, ensure that a third party tests the cannabis you purchase for complete security!

Disclaimer: These staring are still under research, so the above content is based on available research. Do not consider. It is the ultimate information and makes sure you are well before purchase!