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A Closer Look into The Grav Labs Bubbler


The Grav Labs bubbler is an example of a well-liked clear glass hand pipe. With a thickness of only 32 mm, it is easy to conceal in a pocket or bag. The Grav Labs bubbler is one of our top picks for glass bubblers since it is both stylish and functional.

Introducing the Bubbler from Grav Labs


Grav Labs is an industry leader in glass production based in Austin, Texas. The company has become a household name thanks to its role as a manufacturer of scientific glassware for a wide range of well-known companies.


The borosilicate glass used in the construction of the Grav Labs bubbler is of a higher quality and more resilient to heat stress than other varieties of glass. This Grav Labs hand pipe and bubbler surpasses expectations in its ability to endure heat, which is an apparent requirement for bubblers.


It contains an integrated bowl for the dry herb and a stalk with an X cut down its middle to store water. If you need to set the bubbler down, the base has a pair of glass feet to keep it from rolling about. The glass used for the mouthpiece is also transparent and very comfortable to use.


How To Use The Grav Labs Bubbler?


Grav Labs recommends filling the down stem with water through the bowl opening before using the bubbler. To optimize the output, you'll need to play about with the water input. If you want bigger, more powerful hits, use less water in the down stem, and if you want slower, smoother tokes, use more water.


To get your bubbler working, you'll need to pack the bowl part with dry herbs, cover the carb hole, and light up. Before packing the therapeutic herbs into the bowl, drying it is not required. The amount of smoke you inhale can be adjusted by covering or revealing the carb hole on the side of the bowl.


The 32 mm diameter of this bubbler makes it suitable for a single user, though two people may theoretically share it for a few hits.  The Grav Labs bubbler is as sturdy as it is lightweight. Borosilicate glass is used for scientific equipment because it can withstand high temperatures, pressures, and chemicals without deteriorating over time. The Grav Labs bubbler is built to last.


Therefore, the Grav Labs bubbler receives an A+ for its useful features, sleek appearance, and user-friendliness. In addition, this bubbler is really cheap, so once you try it, you'll probably want more than one.


Can You Find Value in Using a Bubbler From Grav Labs?


While we have certainly gushed over this particular bubbler, we recognize that not everyone will share our enthusiasm. This portable bubbler requires minimal skill to operate, making it ideal for first-timers. In addition to Grav Labs' larger option, experienced smokers may find this one to be just a bit too small. Because of its compact size and stealth design, this bubbler from Grav Labs is an excellent option for those who value discretion and portability.


Moreover, it may be prepared and handled independently, which is a plus for some smokers. While a sleek, laboratory-style container for your dried herbs would be desirable, you probably don't want to read through the documentation every time you take a dose. When you order a bubbler from Grav Labs, it will be preassembled and ready to use.


Pros of the Grav Labs Bubbler


There are a number of reasons why this bubbler is popular among smokers, and we've already gone over some of them.


  • Its compact size and light weight make it ideal for covert travel and everyday use.
  • It's easy to use, and the design makes it accessible to just about anyone.
  • In a little pipe, it delivers surprisingly powerful impacts.
  • The cost is reasonable.


There were several problems with this bubbler, despite the fact that we enjoyed it a lot.


Instructions on How to Clean the Grav Labs Bubbler


Bubbler resin buildup can be removed with either water and soap or rubbing alcohol and salt.

Fill a large enough pot with water to accommodate the bubbler. Make sure the bubbler is completely submerged in the pot of choice. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the water and that the pipe step is full before bringing it to a slow boil.


At the point where the resin on the pipe looks to have been washed away, you should turn off the heat. Wait a few minutes for the bubbler to cool before lifting it up with tongs. Resin that hasn't been completely dissolved can be shaken loose with enough force.


If you want to start over with lukewarm water, just dump out the hot water and fill the pot. Make a soapy solution and immerse the bubbler in it. Reach inside the tube with pipe cleaners or Q-tips and scrape away any lingering resin. Finish by rinsing and drying naturally.

Fill a quart bag with rubbing alcohol and salt instead of the detergent solution. Before placing the bubbler in the alcohol-filled plastic bag, fill the pipe with salt. After a few minutes of swishing, drain the salt and alcohol mixture and set the bubbler aside to dry. Use pipe cleaners to get into hard-to-reach places and remove any remaining resin.



One of the most amazing glass pipes available for smoking dried herbs is the Grav Labs bubbler. Because of its increased resilience to chemical and physical stress, borosilicate glass is the glass of choice in laboratories. The 3.5-inch height and 32-millimeter diameter of this bubbler makes it a very portable piece of smoking equipment. This makes it easy to transport and discreet to use in public.




This bubbler is convenient for both new and seasoned smokers because to its small size and portability. It combines form and function with reasonable pricing. When used properly, this bubbler can produce thick, flavorful hits. Our main complaint with this Grav Labs product is that the interior gets dirty quickly, however this is easily remedied by washing it in hot water with soap or using alcohol and salt to scrub it clean.




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