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Why Choose A Bubbler? What Makes Bubbler A Better Choice?

The smoking world has seen some extraordinarily savvy products for a soothing experience. However, amongst all, a bubbler is witnessing immense love from smoking lovers for all the valid reasons! It allows you to enjoy a seamless hit with various flavors. If you are new to a bubbler or looking for a killer hit, then do give the bubbler a shot!

People already using a bubbler will understand what I mean. But if you are new to this world, you might be puzzled by questions like why should I go for a bubbler over a bong?

How can I opt for the perfect bubbler in a market full of options? This article is your helpful guide providing all the relevant information you might need!

Glass Bubbler - Dona Mouth Piece

What Is A Bubbler?

Let us have a look at a bubbler before getting in details. So, a bubbler is a blend of a water pipe and a bong. It is an early yet exciting way to enjoy your favorite herb. Bubblers typically outshine for ample reasons, but the list of features makes it outshine a bong.

Like a bong, a bubbler has an unremovable bowl and a mouthpiece with a stem. Some chambers hold the water for smoke to flow out. The smoke cools down before reaching up to you.

Hence, you get a killer and flawless rip. Some bubbles also have a percolator or auxiliary water chamber, helping to cool the smoke. A bubbler has ample types0, which we are about to discuss in the content below!

Types Of Bubblers

Thanks to the growing demand, the market is witnessing an extensive range of types of bubbles catering to diverse needs:

Hammer Bubbler

As the name signifies, a hammer bubbler is a regular bubbler with a hammer shape—the slanting base and how it uses the mouthpiece to support its weight while staying flat. The glass hammer bubble has thick glass, which adds to the reasons for its fame.

Glass Bubbler

The bubbler type is made out of a simple or borosilicate glass. This particular type of glass makes the unit bear the thermostat changes. However, some of its pieces are out of other materials as well.

Double Bubbler

Evident from the name, this type has double water chambers, compared to a single design. It is bowled in the first chamber, while the second chamber enables surplus filtration.

Sidecar Bubbler

This kind is also true to its name holding the shape. It has a thick glass base offering a seamless rip. The design also lessens the splashback.

Silicone Bubbler

Even though it is the newest addition to the bubbler family, it is pretty famous. This type is a pocket-friendly and replaceable quartz bowl and is available in different styles.

Percolator Bubbler

The bang, the technology of the percolator bubbler, smoothes out the smoke by filtering and cooling it. However, it is the most expensive one in the market. However, you have to be careful, as it can break easily.

Mini Bubbles

The mini bubbles are the small glass bubbler version of the typical bubbler. This type is more frequently available and hard to use than the traditional version. If you want something easy to carry around, then this one is the best option for you.

Why Should You Choose A Bubbler?

Below we are discussing some benefits to help you decide why a bubbler is a reliable option for you:

Easy To Carry

People interested in preference will surely love bubbler for the water pipe collection. This perfect addition to your kit is easy to carry and store for its compact size. The small numbers are easy to travel, and you can fit in a pocket or purse with a protective covering for safety measures.

No Need For  Accessories

The prominent feature of a. Bubbler is that it does not need any extra parts. Hence, you are free from the stress of looking for attachments.


The water in the bubbler works like other water pieces by filtering all the toxins, such as tar, ash and more. Hence, you get a flawless hit without going too harsh on your throat and lungs.

Endless Choices

I am sure you will find the bubbler perfectly matching your need, as there are ample choices in style and designs. There are also great styles, like the double bubbler with double mouthpieces. However, you also get a single mouthpiece bubbler with great features.

Easy To Clean

The market has ample options for a bubbler. Some are pretty simple to clean, while some require extra effort. So, an easy to clean bubbler indeed adds to the pleasure of smoking.

Suitable For Dry Herbs And Concentrate

Hubble's are available for dry herbs, such as tobacco or CBD, and concentrate, such as wax or oil. So, your job is to understand your needs and purchase the bubbler accordingly.

Easy To Use

Lastly, the bubbler is super easy to use. Hence, it is a perfect investment for people new to weed smoking.

How To Use A Bubbler?

All the newbies have a common query about how to blow a glass bubbler. Since you are new to smoking, let me help you with simple steps to help you enjoy a soothing smoke hit!

  • Firstly, make sure you wash and clean it before use.
  • Fill the bubbler with the correct amount of water. Ensure it is approximately half of the chamber and does not overflow from the bowl.
  • Time to grind the weed! The grind consistency varies according to personal preference, but I suggest a medium to fine grind.
  • Use a glass bubbler pipe screen to refrain weed fences from falling into the water in the chamber.
  • Now, start packing weed into the bowl.
  • After the bowl is packed, it's time to light up and enjoy!
Grav Labs Glass Bubbler - Milk Carton 

Final Verdict!

The smoking world has evolved with some fantastic products like a mini bubbler, bullger bong, and more for the perfect hit. Bubbler is one of the newest weed smoking products creating a stir for its diverse features and easy to use an attribute for newbies.

To end the discussion, the bubbler is the worthy addition to your smoking gear. People who enjoy smoking bongs or pipes, will surely love it! Features like, the compact size, easy to clean interaction (ensure the smoke does not go harsh on your throat or lungs), and durable materials; add to the list of reasons for choosing a bubbler. Lastly, it is affordable, so why not give it a shot?