How To Clean Bong For A Safe Smoke Experience?

How To Clean Bong For A Safe Smoke Experience?

Cleaning bongs regularly is essential to maintain their functionality and longevity. It is also essential to avoid catching infections. A dirty bong can accumulate harmful bacteria and residue from previous smoking sessions, which can compromise the quality of your next hit and potentially cause health problems. 

Cleaning your bong is a simple process that can be done at home with minimal effort and basic household supplies. A complete guide is given below that you can easily follow to transform your dirty bong into a new-looking one.

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What Are Different Products Required To Clean Bong?

To start with, you will need to gather the following things;

  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Salt
  • Dish soap
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Plastic bag
  • Gloves
  • Cleaning caps and plugs
  • Cotton swabs
  • Straw brush

Once you collect all the stuff, you can then move on to cleaning.

What Are The Steps To Follow?

Let's start cleaning your bong!


Wear your gloves before starting. Then, you will need to remove the stem of your bong to have a better reach at its parts and ensure the best cleaning. Make sure that you do not wet the bowl by any chance.

Step 2:

Next, remove all the previous water contents into any sealed plastic bag. This is important because you do not want harmful or dirty chemicals spilt around you. After emptying all the contents, check that the seal is not broken and all the contents are entirely locked in.

Step 3:

Now, pour isopropyl alcohol into the bong. The amount of alcohol depends on the size of your bong. Usually, 16 ounces are required, but the quantity may be adjusted according to whatever size you own. If you do not have isopropyl alcohol, you can always opt for simple household items like baking soda or white vinegar. Vinegar works best when used along with some table salt. 

Step 4:

The next important step is to scrub off the resins stuck to the glass. For that, add some salt to it. Seal it off and then gently shake it. Be sure that you have tightly sealed the bong, or otherwise, there could be a total mess. Let this sit for about 30 minutes to ensure everything soaks in well.

Step 5:

Open the seal and empty all contents. Rinse with boiling water thoroughly and make sure no dirt is left behind. It is better to go around 2 to 3 times with warm water.

To remove the oils, add dish soap with warm water to the bong and then shake. You can use a pipe cleaner to remove any dirt that is stuck to the glass and is not coming off. You can also consider using a straw brush to remove stubborn dirt particles.

Step 6:

Please note that dry it thoroughly before putting cannabis in it. Ensure that no alcohol residues or dish soap are left inside.

How Often Should You Clean Bong?

According to the experts, it is advised that the bong should be cleaned at least once a week to have a better smoke experience. If you fail to maintain cleanliness, you are likely to get serious infections which could be life-threatening.

It is also advised to change the water regularly because still water for a more extended period could help fungi grow in it. And the moment you inhale through the dirty bong, the fungus gets to your lungs. These fungal infections can potentially harm human life by posing severe effects.

To ensure that the water is clean, observe the colour of the water. If the colour is darker, near to black, green and brown tones, it suggests that deep cleaning is required. Sometimes, you might as well notice a ring on the meniscus. This is also suggestive of changing the contents. Remember that cleaning will also help it last longer.

Does The Cleaning Depend On The Material Of The Bong?

Yes, the cleaning depends on the material of the bong. If the bong is made up of glass, it requires more cleaning, and you can go ahead with the steps mentioned before.

Other materials are latex or acrylics. Both of these do not require a lot of work. You can go ahead with just using alcohol and pipe cleaner to clean it thoroughly. You can rinse it off with warm water in the end.

If you own a silicone bong, do not use any scrubber, as it will damage the silicone. Add the dishwasher and water, which will do the work. Another method that is exclusively used for the silicone bong is the freezing method. You rinse first and then put it in the freezer for several hours. Take the silicone bong out and bend it, this will dislodge all the gunk and rigid material, and you will get everything clean.

Tips And Tricks To Maintain A Clean Bong.

The first and best tip is not to let the water sit in the bong for too long. The earlier you clean bong, the best it is. Stillwater allows the growth of germs inside it, so it is essential to check before you start smoking.

It is preferred to use salt whenever you clean bong because it acts as a great scrubber. This is the best ingredient to get rid of the dirt that is stuck to the walls and is not coming off by just using alcohol or dish soap. Other instruments that could be used as a scrubber, but salt wins because it is readily available.

Keep your gadget away from sunlight. Exposing it to direct sunlight can lead to vaporizing of the liquid inside of the water and leading to the formation of harmful chemicals. This can also be harmful because temperature rise can better suit the growth of bacteria and fungi inside the bong.

You might also want to use filter paper or a mouthpiece to save yourself from all the bacteria and fungi.

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It is evident from the above discussion that maintaining a clean bong is not difficult at all. You can do  it just by taking out a few things from your kitchen, and Voila! You are good to go. The whole process takes about only 20-30 minutes and you get a clean bong ensuring health safety. Nevertheless, health is above everything!