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Choosing The Right-Sized Dab Rig: How To Choose A Dab Rig?

Choosing The Right-Sized Dab Rig How To Choose A Dab Rig?

Dabbing is among countless means of consuming cannabis concentrate. People into dabbing can relate to the significance of an enjoyable experience. Besides aesthetic design, the ease also adds up to the multiple factors adding up to the pleasure of it. Earlier, dab rigs were quite big and practically impossible to carry around. Moreover, concentrates can get sticky. Therefore, grabbing the dedicated adding product can be quite a job.

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If you are new to the world of dabbing, then you will get ample options. No matter! If you are seeking one to carry around, simple to use, or enjoy a nerve-wracking taste, you ought to buy the one worth every penny. The pocket size travel friendly products are getting quite popular for ample ways to use. But today's market offers much more than the mini dab rig. Are you confused, don't worry! This article will help you guide with choosing the right-sized product for your kit. 

What is a dab rig?

The dab bong or oil rig, which is usually named the dab rig in public, is a product similar to the water pipe and bong. Dab is a term used for the dose of concentrate that users vaporize. However, features like, the mode of heating and vaporizing concentrated cannabis sets it apart from a bong and water pipes. A dab bong can use oil, wax, crumble, or budder for dabbing. Yet, the method of using cannabis concentrate is what sets it apart. It does not involve any smoke usage. Instead, it is a vapor based consuming process.

Types of dab rings

The market offers a diverse range of dab rigs, like the nectar collector dab rig, and each one differs in attributes and perks. The blog has some common types:

  • Glass dab rig:

A glass dab rig of borosilicate is 6" to 12" tall, catering to diverse personal choices. The most common type of smoking gear is for people who prefer wax, rosin, and shatter. 

  • Mini dab rig:

Usually, under 7", a mini dab rig is small in size. A product out of borosilicate or silicon for durability. Moreover, curved design and percolators filter the concentrate before use. This type is perfectly fitting the ease of carrying and numerous percolation demands. 

  • Recycler dab rig: 

This more extensive type is above 8" tall. The hourglass shape design empowers recycling the smoke via percolator and tubes numerous times before use. People freshly entering the dabbing world can surely use it. Besides, if you want flawless speed, this is your jam. 

  • Electric dab rig:

 Features like ease of use and compactness are what make the Electric dab rig the most popular one in the market. Different heat settings empower you to set the desired temperatures. Moreover, the battery-operated product does not need a torch. People demanding speed and comfort with long rechargeable battery life would love this one. 

  • Silicone dab rig:

The convenient and budget-friendly silicone dab rig is stretchable, making it an unbreakable investment. You can take apart its accessory for cleaning or even traveling purposes. This product works well for people seeking durability and is easy to clean it. 

Choosing the suitable size

In dabbing, the size of the rig matters for a worthy experience. A larger dab rig produces more vapors leading to a beefier experience. But it also means that you would need more materials, tough to store and travel with. The reason being a large one is tough to hide or carry around. On the other hand, the smallest dab rig is easy to carry and store, but they provide pure flavor and a raw experience. Hence, you can say that a tiny or portable one is far more efficient compared to a bigger one. Instead, the perfect tube and chamber size enhances flavor by refraining air from watering down the vapors.

Tips for purchasing the perfect dab rig:

It is quite an investment for dangers; therefore, it should justify every penny you invest. So, let us peek into some common considerations in choosing a suitable option:

  • Easy to clean rig:

A dab rig complementing your dabbing lifestyle is integral. No matter! You are a regular user or do it once in a while; the rig demands regular cleaning. Therefore, purchase a dab rig with an easy to clean kit.

  • Purchase a quality torch:

The balance between an industrial blow torch and a gas station light is the handheld torch. A quality torch is a must to avoid issues like damage or the temperature rising. Thus, enjoy a stress-free dabbing experience with a quality torch. 

  • Nail is equally significant as a rig:

The nail is the most used part of a dab, as you repeatedly heat, take it out, and even replace it. Therefore, most users prefer titanium and quartz nails over glass ones. The market also features advanced options like e nail dab rig. Though both options work well, titanium nails get an edge for the durability and speed of heating up. The market has different styles, shapes, and sizes of nails available to meet your lifestyle.

  • Size isn't the primary concern:

A tiny size product will not detract from affecting concentrate. Instead, it does not provide sufficient time vapors for cooling and compacting back into oil. Hence, it stuck as residue within the piece. However, none can beat a small dab rig for compactness and portability factors. 

  • The single joint does not go with all:

Different joints show up with different angles. Some have a 45-degree angle, while others go for a 90-degree one. Therefore, a 45-degree joint demands a banger with a 45-degree neck. Otherwise, you would have to tilt it in each dabbing for even oil vaporization. 

  • The desired percolation: 

Make sure you shop for a regulator that does not choke. Since the tiny holes cloak quickly, you have to clean them after a few dabs for further use. Multiple percolators are hard to clean; therefore, fewer filters are a sensible option for a smooth affair. 

How to use a dab rig?

Follow the subsequent steps for a soothing experience:

  1. Firstly add water to the product. 
  2. Soon after, the banger heats, with a 30 to 45 minute gap for cooling.
  3. Spread the concentrate on the banger. Now, gradually inhale using the mouthpiece. 
  4. After inhaling, cover it with a carb cap. 
  5. Inhale the vapors and enjoy!

Final Verdict

To put an end, we can say that the size of the dab rig adds to the overall experience. Indeed opting for the size of the product counts on your personal choices and smoking manner. Smaller ones are superior to larger ones for ease of use, budget friendly, and portable. They are also safe to use and render more significant vapor clouds to inhale. Moreover, the smaller ones are discreet and convenient to hide even in your pocket.

No matter! You are amongst the newbie to this world or an old player enjoying regular dabbing. It is a one time investment affecting your overall experience. So, make sure you consider all the above features before purchasing the product. Since a perfect one leads to abundant use and sharing with pals at party night. We hope this article was a helpful guide in choosing the perfect dab rig size!