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How To Choose The Best Grinder?

How To Choose The Best Grinder?

Grinding a herb to attain a perfect consistency is crucial to cannabis or other herbs enthusiasts. Until these herbs are ground into a fine powder, one cannot sustain their rapid and long-lasting effects. Instead of manually breaking herbs, use a rigorous grinder to crush tiny buds and collect highly potent kief. 

One way or another, a grinding tool can save your day and let you enjoy the pleasant effects of your favorite smoke and vape products. You must be thinking now, which grinding equipment will serve you the best? That’s why this post will cover favorable characteristics of the best grinder, along with some worth-buying recommendations.

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What Is a Grinder?

Before illustrating anything else, you must know what a grinder is and its application. Unlike an ordinary grinding machine, a herbal grinding tool is handy and portable for crushing dry herbal leaves. Whether you pick up wood or a metallic grinder, it will relieve you from the challenging hand-grinding task. 

This tool comes circular that resembles a puck. Upon rotation, it can break down a herb into small bits. Moreover, it comes in different pieces, but a four-piece metal grinder is the most common. These four pieces are as follows;

  • The first piece is called Lid, which integrates teeth for grinding.
  • Then comes a grinding section, carrying teeth and holes. The teeth do the grinding, and the ground herb will fall through these holes. 
  • Then there is also a storage center that collects the herb and kief. 
  • The last part is a kief catcher that retains all filter-out kief.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Grinder

After understanding its usage and practicality, you should’ve decided to buy it. But hold on. Do you have enough experience to buy the best grinding tool in the market? If you’re a beginner, try evaluating it on these parameters. 

Portability and Size

Ask these questions to yourself; is this grinder comfortable to carry? Is it easier to grind without exerting extra pressure? If yes, then that crushing tool has passed one of the deciding parameters: portability.  

Everyone desires a lightweight tool to grind herbs conveniently. If you’re always on the go, you must prefer a compact and lightweight grinder. 

Moreover, choose a grinder based on your consumption. For instance, if you consume herbs more frequently, try opting for the one that can hold enough herbs. In this situation, a large grinding tool may be more practical. 

Building Material and Quality

A grinder comes in various types of building material, including acrylic, wood, ABS plastic, premium grade aluminum, metal, etc. Each material has its characteristics. Therefore, choose the best crushing tool that suits your needs and requirements. 

If you consider an aluminum grinder, it is far more durable than acrylic and plastic ones, but they are pretty expensive and heavy in weight. In contrast, wood and plastic grinders are visually appealing but not sustainable grinding equipment. 

In a nutshell, if your preference is a durable and expensive grinder, choose a metal one, such as Bolt Grinder from the Amsterdam store. On the other hand, choose an acrylic herbal tobacco grinder from an Amsterdam smoke and vape shop if one wants a low-price, easy-to-use grinder. 

Purchasing Cost

Price point comes as the most challenging factor. You must be thinking about how much for a grinder one should pay to get a good quality grinding tool. For sure, you want something that is neither heavy on the pocket nor low in quality. This herbal grinding equipment comes at different prices, ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, based on their notable features. 

A high-quality grinder, such as an aluminum grinder, is quite expensive. However, this grinder is durable and efficient enough to convert a herb into fine powder. Whereas if you choose a moderate or sub-standard grinder, you can save considerable dollars on its purchase, but that comes with a lack of significant features. 

Hence, buying a budget-friendly grinder can get a less durable and inefficient grinding tool. But with Amsterdam smoke and vape shop, you can get high-quality tools at affordable rates. For instance, one can buy a Santa Cruz Medium Grinder at the Amsterdam store for $ 65, which is around 17 to 20% less than other online head shops. 

Product Diversity

Product diversity and its working mechanism matter a lot. Here a grinder’s diversity is measured by its components, which can be dual or multiple. A multi-piece grinder typically includes 3-piece and 4-piece. Moreover, there is not only a variation in physical features but also in operational features. 

For instance, a 3-piece grinding tool includes a top container, teeth, and a chamber for collecting ground herbs. In contrast, a 4-piece tool includes a sieve-style pollen catcher to eliminate dust and other contaminants. Hence, choose a product that offers a variety of features. But don’t worry, as you can get one from an Amsterdam online store.

How to Use a Grinder?

Whether a vaporist or smoker, you always require a handy tool for grinding herbs. In that case, a herbal grinder is a staple among them. If you don’t have any clue about using it, follow these instructions carefully. 

  • Take a quick rundown and analyze the entire apparatus carefully. 
  • First and foremost, remove the lid to reveal its teeth. 
  • Afterward, take chunks of pebble-sized herbs and place them between the teeth. 
  • Place the lid back in its original position. Now perform a downward and twisting motion. 
  • Spin the lid with back and forth motion to crush herbs into fine powder. 
  • The herbs are ready for collection. 

You must be thinking about how to clean a grinder after using it. Don’t worry, as its cleaning process is relatively easy. Firstly, remove any leftover herbs from the chamber. Now, immerse its parts in isopropyl alcohol and let them sit for around 30 mins. Later, rinse it thoroughly and let it air dry. 

Pros and Cons

Everything has two perspectives, and so does this grinding equipment. Let’s explore these reasons that help one decide whether one should or shouldn’t use a grinding tool.


  • You can no longer use the challenging hand-crushing method.
  • It increases the efficacy of a herb.
  • It’s a best practice to get finely-grind herbs relatively fast. 
  • Get rid of dust particles


  • It can upset the trichome balance on your weed. 

Find the Best Herbal Grinder You Need?

Choosing the right grinder is important, especially if you’re a regular herb user. However, finding a good one is not hard due to the availability of effective and affordable grinding tools at Amsterdam smoke and vape shop. Its premium collection and easy-to-use apparatus offer a smoking experience never witnessed before. Take a tour of its top-notch collection, which is worthy of your hard-earned money.

Summing Up

With so many market options, finding the best grinding tool is tricky. But these above-stated vital factors will help better analyze a product based on the parameters of building material, portability, cost, and product versatility. 

Also, enquire whether or not a grinder has a cleaning tool, check the tightness of its lid, analyze the size of teeth, and assess its anti-spilling characteristics. This way, by stacking these parameters one after another, you’ll achieve your goal of finding the best grinder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy a grinder?

You can buy it from either a physical or online head shop. However, the most reliable portal to get the best grinder is Amsterdam smoke and vape shop. 

What is the best material for a herbal grinder?

The best building material is aluminum. This material is medically safe and durable. Moreover, its lightweight characteristic makes it highly portable. 

Why should I use a grinder?

This tool prevents the clumping of herbs. Further, it enhances the potency and duration of the effects. Thus, it releases the aroma and flavor of a herb and produces a pleasant experience.