Walking Into A Smoke Shop For The First Time

Walking Into A Smoke Shop For The First Time

A survey by CDC shows that 11 out of 11 adult men and 11 out of 100 adult women in the United States are smokers, which stresses the growing tobacco consumption.

Thus there isn't any ambiguity about the accelerating demand for smoking leading to massive production. Today, there are physical and online smoke shops serving globally like other regular superstores. You can call it a smoker paradise, as there is an extensive collection of tobacco available for users. 

However, the first timer's experience is another side of the book. If you are visiting a tobacco shop or online smoke shop for the first time you might be struggling with questions like what should I do? What to expect? Do I need to share my knowledge with the service provider? Or which vapor will give that relaxing hit? This article will help you get answers to all your questions, so next time you visit you are fully prepared!

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What To Expect?

Here is what you should be expecting on your first visit to the shop! 

A Range Of Smoking Products

As soon as you step into the smoke shop, the first thing you notice is the range of smoking devices like vape smoke shops in a glass case. The majority of them are a product out of glass, which adds to the reason for storing them in a glass case for extra protection. You are ought to go after the other gadgets from the protective case, followed by buying your favorite. The staff will take out the device from the glass cabinet to get a closer look. However, you have to buy the product in case of any damage. So make sure you check the product you want to buy.

Accessories And Wearable Items

Besides the smoking equipment, the smoke shop also offers relevant accessories and wearable items, like shirts, and caps as well. Some of the noteworthy options are tobacco pouches, rolling gadgets, and lighters. While you can also ask for shirts, caps and other wearable items. However, you can always ask for anything you do not find on the display.

Vaporizer Gadgets

There are ample choices in vaporizers and their relevant gadgets in the smoke shop. Some vaporizers function by vaporizing the tobacco's smoke before inhaling it for a relaxing and less intrusive experience. However, some have liquid as a replacement for tobacco. The smoke shop has both choices, so make sure you clearly explain your demand to the staff. 

What You Should Be Doing? 

It's your first visit to the smoke shop, so what are the questions you should be asking and what you are expected to do? Firstly, make sure you have the subsequent credentials with you:

  • A government issued ID 
  • Avoid bringing any dry herbs, tobacco, or anything usable 
  • Make sure you are above the minimum 18 age limit 
  • Follow the store regulations 

Well Researched

Make sure you are well-researched before visiting. check out the market prices and the exact product you would be using. Google some online head shops about a certain product of any high-end or local brand and its average market price. Besides, a survey on accessories is integral, as you would be needing an accessory to team up with your product.

You can also conduct research on the perfect pipe for your herb. Detailed research helps in getting a better idea about the possible defects in the product.  Moreover, you can better understand the possible causes of these defects, and ways to deal with a defective piece. Any minor flaw creating zero impact on the performance of the pipe is respectable. However, do not buy if the defect can get bad. 

Share Your Information

Sharing your information with the service provider is pretty important. Make sure you have a clear head about the desirable product catering to the herb you will be using in it. Secondly, share your budget, to get the product accordingly. You can also ask for a specific brand or an artist for a better idea. Besides, it is better to share your information demands with the staff. The greatest benefit of sharing the information is that you will get the product suitable to your requirement. 

Get Your ID Verified

Understanding and using proper terms are crucial. Besides obeying the regulations is the shop staff and your duty, otherwise, you could end up getting out of the shop.

These stores normally ask for your ID verification as the primary step. They are bound to check that you are above the minimum age limit. Therefore, do carry your ID to show the staff. This step will create a positive impact that you are a serious buyer. 

Now, have a thorough tour of the store to find the desired product. Besides, who knows you end up buying the product you have been looking for! 

Use Proper Terminology:

These stores usually sell everything approved by the law of the state. Hence, you can use the term water pipe with anything related to water. Make sure to refrain from using the term bong or bubble, as they have ample areas. Besides, any product with no water involved is called a hand pipe. Dab rigs can also be called concentrate pipes. Yet, the staff is always ready to assist you with the term for any product you find fascinating. 


The price of a product typically relies on the product itself and the glass availability. However, the growing glass sales are leading to standard prices set for a product. A hand pipe usually starts from $4 to some hundred, while the water pipe starts from 40 and goes up to thousands of dollars. Yet the quality of material, artist, and technique are the crucial factors to determine the price of a pipe. The technology usage and the detailing an artist uses are some integral factors to determine the cost. 

Abundant production of a product is usually cheaper, while personalized manufactured products usually have a heavy price tag.

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Final Verdict

The growing demand for tobacco, cigar, hookah, and vapor gadgets is leading to physical and vape smoke shops online wholesale. However, the first time experience comes up with ample questions regarding the accurate flavor for your needs, your knowledge about the product, what you should be expecting or doing and more.

We hope our article was helpful for a seamless first time visit to the smoke shop. Make sure you follow all the above guidelines to avoid any inconvenience, happy smoke shopping!