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What Are The Pros And Cons of Vaping That You Need To Know

What Are The Pros And Cons of Vaping That You Need To Know

Nowadays, Vaping is considered a popular alternative to smoking cigarettes. It involves inhaling a vapor produced by heating a liquid, which may or may not contain nicotine, and then exhaling smoke. While vaping is considered a safer alternative to smoking, it has risks. Everything has its pros and cons. It is vital to stay alert and informed of the potential hazards and risks of vaping before really getting into it.

Without any further due, let's get straight into our list of pros and cons of vaping.

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Pros of Vaping

It Is Better Than Cigarettes 

The first and foremost on the list of pros of vaping is that Vaping is better than cigarettes for a lot of reasons. The cons of vaping are lesser than cigarettes. In cigarettes, there are a lot of other chemicals, but in vaping, there are only a few things in the flavor. There is surety of no additives. 

It Can Help Stop Cigarette Addiction

Studies have suggested that relying upon vaping to help decrease cigarette addiction is one of the most successful therapies. Vaping allows control over nicotine intake. Cigarette addiction can be decreased using vaping if the nicotine concentration is decreased over time. There are fewer chances of withdrawal symptoms this way.

It Is Reusable

The most crucial advantage of vapes is that it is a one-time investment that keeps benefitting you from time to time. But as for cigarettes, they must be bought whenever a person wants to smoke. A vape can be put aside midway smoking, but for cigarettes, either one has to have it in one go or discard the rest.

There Is No Noticeable Tobacco Smell After Smoking

Another benefit of vaping is that the regular tobacco smell experienced after cigarette smoking is not present after vaping. But the flavors chosen for vaping could leave their smell afterward. Although, this smell is not unpleasant at all.

One Has Control Over Nicotine Concentration

This one is major on the list of pros and cons of vaping. As for vaping, one can control the amount of nicotine intake. Various concentrations are available in various flavors. For fun purposes, always use the least amount of nicotine that would not be harmful. Some flavors come in a free base, which is no nicotine. Then there are 3ml, 5ml, 20ml, 25 ml, and the list goes on till 50ml. 

There Is A Variety Of Flavours

There is a wide range of flavors for vaping devices. Choose anyone that suits your taste buds. These flavors include peach, mango, banana, strawberry, watermelon, guava, apple, and many more. Apart from fruity scents, there are also tobacco, cream, and many more.

Its Access and Availability

It is readily available in markets and can also be found on Instagram pages and Facebook accounts. Some dealers also provide home deliveries; hence it is readily available everywhere. Second-hand vapes are also available at a lesser price.

Cons Of Vaping

It Attracts People

Societal pressure is real when it comes to trying out these new gadgets. Many people get engaged in vaping just because it seems cool and attractive. People living in or around such a community are likelier to fall for these things than those living away. But these days, vaping is almost promoted everywhere because it has outstretched in almost every community. Younger people are more attracted to vaping than older people.

It Can Be Addicting

It can help quit smoking, but it can be addictive itself. Because there is an amount of nicotine in the flavor, vaping addiction can occur. Higher nicotine concentration inhalers might get withdrawal symptoms when trying not to use it. It can only be helpful if the nicotine dosage is adjusted specifically dropped over time. There are zero nicotine flavors as well. So If only for fun, then try zero-base flavors.

One Has To Change the Coil Regularly

It would be best to keep changing the coil. The cotton gets black with time, which tells that it is time for a new coil. Also, a terrible igniting smell hits when you smoke with a coil in poor condition. If the coil is in really bad shape, it will produce no smoke eventually. To give a rough idea, change the coil every month if the vaping device is used regularly. So it is a continuous investment in this sense.

It Can Cause Passive Smoking

With vapes, there still is the risk of passive smoking. Anyone who is sitting around and does not smoke must also not like it. Also, the person is at risk of developing pulmonary issues despite not smoking. The smoke that vaping produces is equally harmful to the person inhaling it passively as the person exhaling it.

It Can Cause Lung Injury

When talking about the pros and cons of vaping, this one is quite serious. Vaping can cause lung damage over time. It has chemicals in it that affect the lungs. People with asthma and already diagnosed pulmonary disorders should avoid this at every cost. It can cause progressive lung damage. Regular users are more prone to pneumonia and other bacterial and viral lung issues.

It Can Cause Serious Health Problems

Apart from pulmonary issues, it can cause blood pressure issues. There is risk a for increased blood pressure, which can further damage the heart and other organs, including the liver, spleen, and kidneys. There may be ear discharge, nasal obstruction, and throat blockage as well.

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The purpose of vaping matters a lot. In light of the above-mentioned pros and cons of vaping, it is evident that if a cigarette addict is trying to stop himself, then vaping deserves a try. But still, it is only helpful if there is a decrease in nicotine intake with time. 

If someone enjoys the smoke and has nothing to do with the nicotine, always stick to the zero nicotine concentration flavors. Try not to get used to vaping. A few times a month is fine, but regular usage can damage health.