Smoking Devices: Different Bongs And Pipes

Smoking Devices: Different Bongs And Pipes

Herbs concentrate and cannabis consumption has bloomed over the past years. However, the standard form of consumption is by inhaling or smoking it. Since growing cannabis consumption opens the door to ample options, regular and fresh users can opt for various choices. Amongst all, bongs and pipes are the two famous types of consumption modes.

People new to the smoking world are often struggling to choose amongst the different smoking devices, and which type of bong or pipe is worth purchasing will find this article a savior. This article will be a helpful guide for what is the popular smoking device and deciding whether to go for pipes and bongs or more!

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None can match a bong in smoking herbs or weed for the advantages, like ease of use, safer choice, and stylish design. The charm of bong manufacturing has come a long way from the old school useful product out of the bottle to the dainty piece. Besides, the impeccable experience of enjoying filtered and cool smoke via water makes bong the market’s darling. The bong cools down the smoke as it moves through the pipe bringing up the reason that it is also called a water pipe. 

How To Use?

Follow the subsequent steps for a seamless bong hit!

  • Add water to the bong
  • Grind the weed in your desired consistency
  • Place a screen in your bowl
  • Add weed to the bowl
  • Take the bong in your hand
  • Cover carb hole
  • Remove the flame
  • Release carb hole
  • Enjoy smoking!

Types Of Bong

None of the smoking products can match up to a bong for its healthy, convenient, and trendy designs. Hence, the growing consumption and demand lead to a range of types ready to enhance your overall experience. Let us peek into some discreet smoking device types of bongs you can check out!

Straight Tube Bong

The most commonly available type in the list is the straight tube bong. It is simple, easy to consume, and ideal for people new to smoking. It is an effortless, dapper design, a classic investment you should buy. Besides, the ease of cleaning makes it a superior investment to the other designs. If you are new to smoking, this one satisfies your needs. 

Percolator Bongs

The percolator or the bubbler bong is available in great shapes and sizes, working well to filter the smoke. This type of product has two percolators performing numerous functions. Initially, it has multiple slides, diffusing the smoke while passing through it. The manner of spreading smoke while passing through it adds to its popularity. 

Zig Zag Bong

It is also another popular form of a bong. The reason behind its name is its appealing shape. It has beyond one curve, offering ample benefits to the customers. Hence, the shape works as a splash guard, refraining the water from rising into your mouth from the chamber. So, you witness a soothing and enjoyable experience. 

Round Base Bong

This type resembles the beaker bong and the spherical shape, making it stand apart. Hence the round base is stable and more accessible to manage than the other choice. 

Glass Straight Bong

This type of product has the entire piece in the same size except the angled opening downstream. Moreover, it has an ice pitcher that does not need water to diffuse the smoke. 

Silicone bong

It is a BPA-free product crafted from food-safe silicone. The sensible option is easy to clean, sturdy, and inexpensive. The travel-friendly product is a perfect option to carry in the bag without damage. 


Smoking pipes is one of the most convenient forms of enjoying your favorite herb or tobacco. I'm sure you all might feel the nostalgia in the smoking pipe, remembering your forefathers smoking a pipe while telling your story. The smoking device with a mouthpiece attached to a pipe from one end, while a bowl on the other end is designed  out of three essential materials:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Glass

Each type has its own set of perks and loopholes. The pipe is available in numerous shapes and sizes, catering to diverse customer preferences.

How To Use?

Now, let us look down into some essential steps to help beginners use a pipe:

  • Fill the bowl with your favorite herb or tobacco, and pres sit down with a temper
  • Give the device a quick test by puffs to ensure no obstacle in the airflow
  • Light up the pipe with a match, lighter or igniter
  • Make sure you puff and not inhale like cigarettes
  • Do not rush in smoking the pipe, and you can experience the tongue bite
  • Soon as you are done, clean the pipe and put it away!

Types Of Pipes

Check out some of the types of pipes for a better experience:

Water Pipes

The water pipe has a percolator chamber making the smoke into vapors, which makes it call a water pipe. The water in the chamber cools down the smoke before inhaling. This device works perfectly for regular smokers.


The healthier smoking device is a vaporizer that only features smoke without extra waste. Besides, it only allows you to enjoy the flavor of your herb without inhaling the smoke. Heat your herb in the device to the point of releasing the compounds, and enjoy!

One Hitter Pipe

People are getting quite secretive about their smoking devices and can use them to hide features easily without occupying extra space. Besides, you do not need to travel with additional accessories. The device can also help you control your smoking, with a limited number of hits assigned for a day. 

Steam Roller

If you want a great hit with a replacement for the bong, this one can be a sensible choice. However, the steam roller does not have water in them. It is a simple and long tube with no accessories to make your travel easier. It is also compact and easy to store anywhere. 

Hand Pipe

The user-friendly and convenient form of pipe is the hand pipe, reminding us of our grandfather with a glass of fine wine in one hand. Moreover, they offer seamless ease of cleaning the device after use. 

Should I Go For A Bong Or A Pipe?

The answer to this question relies on your personal choice. Make sure you understand the following points:

  • Bong offers cool smoke with massive hit within the premises of your house
  • Pipes are for gentle smoking sprees with minor hits, and they are easy to travel around

So, understand your need and inclination to shop for the best smoking device. Or else, you can have both of them in one of the above-discussed designs for an essence of both worlds.

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Final Thoughts

The extensive range of smoking devices is an easy solution to some common issues smokers face—the range of regular and electronic smoking devices. The types of house use and portable smoking devices discussed above cater to growing customer demand. No matter! If you want to enjoy smoking all by yourself or have a party night with friends, we have given all the relevant information about famous smoking devices for a perfect smoking experience. I hope you have an excellent smoking experience!