Torches And Lighters - What To Consider?

Torches And Lighters - What To Consider?

Evolution in everything has marked its place. Big match boxes turns into small and handy lighters. Lighters are always preferable because they are environment friendly, hassle-free and last long. Torches and lighters to a smoker is like a hammer with a carpenter. 

You hardly notice any smoker/dabber without a lighter or a torch. You may find plenty of torches and lighters in the market. And if you are a smoker, you must need anyone of it but what to consider a torch or a lighter? What to consider? What are main differences between them, and which will suit you best. Here are some explanations that will help you solve all these questions?

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What Are Torches And Lighters?

Torches are modern or enhanced versions of traditional lighters because they are more powerful and reliable because of their functionality. They are an essential tool while dabbing or smoking. These are designed explicitly for dabbers and cigar smokers. These butane-powered devices generate robust, sharp, straight flames upto 2500 degrees fahrenheit and are perfect for heating bongs and other quartz heating elements. Because of their intense flame extraction, pipe smokers use them too. 

These lighting devices use pressurized piezo and butane to get light-up. Another best thing about these devices is the generation of flame which is almost wind proof and smooth. 

If you need to know why torches are best for dabbers and cigar enthusiast, you first know what exactly you require and need to maintain before getting the exhilaration

For cigar smokers these lighting devices are a mainstay. A common mistake usually made by new cigar smokers is using custom lighter flame to burn the cigar's tobacco. This will accidentally scorch all of your tobacco inside the cigar and ruins few puffs of it. Same happens when they lit the heating element of bongs and scorch the herbs. This not only destroy the quality of the product but also spoils its taste throughout puffing. 

Torch lighters, on the other hand, automatically generate a vacuum between the product and the heat required to heat the product for flaovr extraction. Certain torches are use to lit different dabbing, puffing and smoking devices. 

Types Of Torches 

Likewise to cigar or other humidor devices and accessories the, liting devices are available in a wide variety of types and styles. Some of them provides users with an aesthetic feel, and people love to opt a stylish, long-lasting and easy to carry fire device. But there are certain features that a lit device must have to meet the user's needs. Prime on them is number of jets. 

Single Jet Torches And Lighters

These are the initial form of modern liting devices. With these you can have constant and direct flame from a single nozzle. Single jets often come in pen shape or precise cylindrical shape, but there flat ones, too, come in compact and stylish design. 

These are also known as cigar torches and lighters because of being heavily used by cigar smokers. As cigar smokers need constant but single flame and a significant accuracy of degrees to control the flame over a portion of cigar needs to be lit, they prefer to have this over the torches with multiple jets. These are also good for providing the heat ‘touch ups’ usually required when a portion of cigar do not burn evenly due to anonymous factors, including quality. 

The Dual Jet Ones

The collectable lighters and torches with dual jet are good to use when users need spreaded source of heat. Instead of having a sleek flame from nozzle with dual jet litting device you get double amount of heat spreaded effectively and evenly. These are ideal for litting small bongs, bubblers, small to medium sized cigars. 

Another interesting fact that tends to replace single jet torches with dual one is constant heat production on certain placement. While you need evenly distributed heat with an additional outcome, you can efficiently heat your herb or tobacco. 

Triple, Quadruples, Etc

While making mind to buy torches and lighters, you must need to know your needs. There are many fire devices used for smoking, and all of them can not be mentioned. Each device has specific instructions, and your fire device must produce enough heat to scoop all the instructions. 

The more vast diameter a cigar have the more heat it need to burn. Usually the cigar’s foot is measured according to the rings they have. For assistance, one ring equals 1/64 inch, so a 50 ring cigar equals 50/64 inch. This much large span of cigar needs triple or quadrupal jets providing 4 equal portions of heat to burn large cigars. 

If you have a good taste about vintage things, then you must opt antique cigar torches and lighters or the regular ones with antique designs.

What Are Lighters?

A traditional lighter is only used by some smokers because it is only fit for litting a traditional cigarette. It produces a flame, not more than a small candle flame. The intensity and roar need to lit today’s humidor devices is not available in a traditional lighter. The small uneven flame from a traditional lighter is nothing infront of flame you get when you blow torch lighters. The technique of producing flame in a traditional an old fashioned lighter is now replaced with new one to get the same result a torch provides with. These are known as arc lighters and are categorized as low-level fire devices. 

Like the torches, they also come in different shapes, sizes, and forms. They are also butane powered or have stoner bic with extremely flammable gas to generate intense flame, but you can not get the results matches a torch. These are mostly non refillable and made with cheap material, making the ignitor or flint go out of order soon. 


As mentioned earlier, torches are modern lighters and function similarly but more efficiently and effectively than traditional lighters. Torches are stylish, but they are heavy and bulky in size, while lighters are handy and classic. There are small and compact torches too, but they might not fulfil your requirements and may be less helpful to you. 

Torches are provide consistent flame to avoid uneven burn, tunneling and canoeing while smoking a cigar. Whereas by using a lighter you may face the above mentioned problems. 

Lighters are often useful when you go out doors for camping, picnic or travel. Lighters are light weight and travel friendly and can replace torches for some time. But for regular use a strong and reliable torch lighter is must to have.

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How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Lighters?

There is no specific age restriction on buying lighter in many regions, including USA. But sometimes, they are not sold to kids due to child safety requirements. Meanwhile if you are buying online, you must be 13 or above. 

What Is The Difference Between Bic Lighter And Coil Lighter?

A bic lighter has a roller that creates a friction spark and generates gas that lit and flame appears, while the coil lighter creates an electric arc that generates flameless and windproof heat.

What Are Three Important Features A Torch Must Have?

A torch for regular use must be refillable, waterproof, and it must also have adjustable flame settings.

Can Torches And Lighters Replace Coil Lighters?

Coil lighter is an electric lighter that do not produce any flame. This is ideal for litting a traditional cigarette but can not replace torches.