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Learn What Vaping Is And How To Inhale Properly!

Learn What Vaping Is And How To Inhale Properly!

People converting their bad smoking habits into something less damaging often consider the option of vaping. This is the most obvious reason behind the increasing demand for e-cigarettes, pods, and vapes.

But let's say you purchased a vape and have no idea using it or inhaling it properly into your lungs. This whole situation can make you regret your spending of bucks on purchasing a vape.

Don't worry; we won't let you experience this!

To help you and to guide you in detail, we are going to give you a complete tour of what vaping is and inhaling vaping smoke.

Let's start before wasting further time.

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What Is Vaping And How Does It Work?

Unlike smoking, vaping is considered an act of inhaling smoke from a special type of e-cigarette. It can include vapes, pens, pods, or mods. The smoke or vapor generated from these devices consists of a mist of nicotine and flavoring. E-liquids are known for adding flavor to the smoke, which is the most amazing feature of vapes.

You can take vaping, similar to smoking a cigarette. But, in vaping, the vapor or smoke comes from heating tiny particles out of a liquid. However, in traditional smoking, this vapor is produced by burning tobacco or nicotine.

However, the whole process for the working of vaping revolves around heating the special type of liquid in a small device, thereby letting users breathe the smoke directly into their lungs. In addition to this, aerosols are created when the liquid is heated. You can't consider these vapors as water vapors.

They are related to the mist from e-cigarettes. To enhance the pleasure of vaping, these mists and vapors contain particles of nicotine, flavoring, and other substances suspended in the air. So, when inhaling the vape, you can inhale all these substances into your mount and your lungs.

How To Inhale Vape Properly? Your In-depth Guide

People new to vaping encounter the coughing issue just due to the improper way they inhale the smoke. The method of inhaling vaping can make or break the entire vaping experience.

Everyone in the vaping industry prefers trying out different inhaling techniques to boost the overall vaping experience. If you're also looking at how to inhale vape properly, you must know the steps below:


The first step for inhaling the vape properly is to take a draw on your e-cigarette gently. Keep taking the draw or inhaling the smoke until the heated vapors fill your mouth.

Adjusting your efficiency to draw the smoke from vapes lets you easily get the desired smoking hit. Thus, you'll not find it hard to continue vaping and leave smoking.

Hold and Exhale the Vapors

Once you've drawn the vape, the next step is to hold the vapors in your mouth for 3-5 seconds. This step allows you to exhale the vapors right away after inhaling them.

That is why people get the essence of absorbing nicotine into their lungs through vapes. However, you can exhale the vapor through the mouth or nose.

Wait or Rest

All you need to do is understand the right time span for having the best puff hit. The complete essence of absorbing nicotine takes around 30 seconds to go through the mucus membrane. So, wait until you get the perfect puff.

These are the general steps to inhale the vape smoke. But you must know the types of inhalation when trying out the vape. Without knowing them, there are chances that you can get an unpleasant rush of nicotine and flavorings.

So, to help you know your inhalation type, we will explain the two commonest techniques for inhaling vape. These are:


It is also known as an MTL technique. You can consider mouth-to-lung inhalation the best technique if you have a vape containing high-resistance coils with a high nicotine concentration. You can inhale smoke like sucking air through a coffee straw if explained properly.

This technique of inhaling the vape can create low vapors and help you feel the act of smoking. Most vape users complain about not having the exact hit as they get through traditional cigarettes. But, using this method, you will get a similar hit to your throat.

To enjoy the vaping experience through this method, follow the given steps:

  • Draw the air/vapor into your mouth for a few seconds
  • Try to keep the vapor in a closed mouth or a second
  • Now, open your mouth and inhale the entire vapor into your lungs
  • Don't swallow it
  • In the end, exhale the vapors properly and slowly

Direct Lung Inhalation

In addition to mouth-to-lung inhalation, a direct lung method is perfect for low-resistance coil vapes users. It also seems the best choice for people who prefer taking low doses of nicotine. You can consider this technique as inhaling air from a milkshake straw.

If you have used bongs before, you will get the proper essence of vaping through this method. It helps in making the most of the vapor produced from the e-cigarettes. Besides, it produces the smoothest hit of smoke. You just have to follow two simple steps when using this inhalation method.

  • Inhale the entire vapor/smoke directly into your lungs
  • Exhale the vapor right after inhaling it

It may cost you a fortune by triggering the cough as smoke directly enters your lungs. But, to avoid this problem, you can adjust the airflow of your vape. Besides, you can also adjust the nicotine content to manage the inhalation process of vapors.


What Is Vaping And How Does It Work?

You inhale nicotine, mist, flavorings, and 30 other minor chemicals when inhaling the vape.

Is Vaping Better Than Cigarettes?

Yes, vaping is far better than cigarettes as it's free of tar and other harmful chemicals. But, still, it's not completely safe.

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In a nutshell, vaping is a new phenomenon that has gained immense popularity. It involves inhaling the vaporized liquid through an electronic device. For some better reasons, it is considered a safe alternative to smoking.

You can follow the tips and techniques mentioned above for inhaling the vape. This way, you'll learn to inhale vape safely and effectively.