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Does Vaping Without Nicotine Have Any Side Effects?

Does Vaping Without Nicotine Have Any Side Effects?

Inhaling vaporized liquid is a famous substitute for traditional smoking. The substitute to smoking is the market's favorite for the previewed less damaging effects. However, the toxins produced can be damaging to the lungs and heart. Despite the producer's claim that vaping is a healthy alternative, studies reveal that it's equally damaging. 

Cigarettes and other nicotine products have been a major source of loss of lives. So, can we avoid nicotine levels to reduce the adverse effect? Surely, this article will be helpful in understanding if vaping without nicotine produces any side effects. We will also check out the potential benefits, risks, and other options available in the market!

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Why Is Vape Without Nicotine Popular?

A device that heats solutions, like propylene glycol, GlycerinGlycerin, and other additives in vapor form to inhale is called non-nicotine vaping. All of these additives work as the conveyance for flavors with and without nicotine. 

Hence, it has become popular among people seeking a healthy smoking substitute. The myth of zero nicotine smoking is backed by the perception that most of the damage is due to the hot smoke from burning plant subjects. Hence, nicotine-free vaping is a relatively healthier option, but it does not mean there are zero health concerns. 

Vaping devices are a cool trend amongst youth. It is more socially acceptable for its futuristic design. Besides, it is allowed in places where cigarettes are forbidden, which adds to another reason for its fame. 

Why Should I Go For Nicotine-Free Vaping?

Is vapes without nicotine the ideal substitute for traditional smoking? Let us check out with some logical reasoning! 

The Will Power To Quit Smoking:

Quitting cigarettes is the common reason behind vaping popularity. Even though cigarettes are the primary cause of lung cancer, users cannot avoid uncontrollable cravings. Numerous smokers were satisfied with vaping to calm down the urge. 

Hence, nicotine-free e-juice is always a reliable way to set free from the urge to smoke. It features different flavors for seamless vaping.

A Badly Needed Break From Nicotine:

Ever feel like taking a break from the addictive chemical? Then, periodic breaks are a sensible idea to reduce consumption to avoid dependence and excessive use. Understand the body's symptoms and try to reduce consumption. 

Seeking For A Non-Addictive Substitute To Cigarette:

There are zero percent additives and nicotine in e-juice. This option works perfectly for people seeking a substitute to inhale with zero nicotine. No matter! This technique will certainly be helpful if it is about an occasional nicotine smoker or a regular user! 

The vape e-liquid comprises elements like:

  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Vegetable glycerine (VG)
  • Water 
  • Flavoring 
  • Nicotine 

Hence, removing nicotine means the least chance of addiction. 

Satisfy Sweet Tooth:

These vapes have a bunch of yummy flavors. Hence, users can reduce sweet cravings and consumption. So, useless eating habits can be tamed with these flavored nicotine-free vapes. 

Besides, diabetic papers can enjoy flavors like cherry, watermelon, Apple, strawberry, and more without sugar. 

Save Money:

Though nicotine vaping liquid is more popular than the other one, it can also go hard on the pocket. Therefore, zero nicotine liquid is a money-saving option. 

Besides avoiding harmful chemicals, users can also save a huge amount. People preferring low-potency juice can buy sale items from nicotine juice and add it to nicotine-free items. 

Smoother Hit:

Nicotine vapes provide a "throat hit," a sensation hitting the throat and chest. People who do not enjoy this sensation will enjoy a seamless warm, flavorful cloud going down the throat. 

Side-effects Of Vaping Without Nicotine

Despite no nicotine level, this one contains some damaging chemicals leading to dangerous side effects in non nicotine vapes

  • It also contains Glycerin and glycol, which can lead to prominent irritation in the upper airway. Hence, users can notice continuous cough.
  • Besides, studies also relate to nicotine-free vaping with dry mouth, gum irritation, and other relevant diseases. 
  • There are also some prominent side effects, like less sense of taste, bronchial spasms, throat burning sensation, inching in mouth or lips, dizziness, headache, irregular heart rate, and shortness of breath. 
  • It also contains the risk of some chemical addictiveness in the long term.
  • Some users also developed "popcorn lung" due to nicotine-free vaping adulterated with an additive or cutting agent. 

Some of the long-term damages can be:

  • Persistent cough 
  • Lungs issues 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Problem in breathing 
  • Unexpected weight loss
  • A study in 2018 revealed inflammation issues in lung cells due to some of the vape flavors.

Other Sources Of Smoking Without Nicotine

Some of the common alternatives to smoking with no nicotine include:


Hookah or shisha is the modern generation thing for its cool vibe and social acceptance. However, a nicotine-free shisha is a safer option made out of tea leaves and herbs. It has ample flavor choices available for users. 


The market offers ample choices in herbal nicotine-free cigars to taper off nicotine consumption. It is a blend of numerous herbs and plant materials. 


Pipes with herbal tobacco are another safe choice for people with nicotine addiction. It comprises a leaf blend of natural herbs. Hence, you can enjoy smoking without nicotine addiction. 

Vape Pens:

Finally, vape pens that look stylish and contain e-juice with zero nicotine can substitute traditional vape pens.

Can I Vape With No Nicotine

The answer to if I can vape without nicotine is yes! Numerous papers consider it a healthy alternative opting for a nicotine-free e-liquid. It also has ample benefits, including zero nicotine consumption, excellent flavor, and the least side effects.

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Final Verdict

Though some vapes do not have a nicotine addiction, they have side effects and health issues. Though it is enjoyable and flavorful, this vape has chemicals, and vaping without nicotine can cause cough and other body issues. 

Besides, researchers also claim the lung tissue effects of vaping on the human body. Hence, vaping without nicotine is not completely safe. Avoiding it at its maximum and seeking a healthy alternative is a better choice. Yet, conduct proper research before investing in any such product!