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Grav Labs 7" Clear Vapor Straw And Dish

Vendor Grav Labs
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When modern science met artistic craftsmanship, Grav Labs 7” Clear Vapor Straw and Dish were born which is a gorgeous pipe that will provide clean and strong hits. Crafted from sturdy and durable borosilicate glass that provides durability, it is extremely easy to use. Just put your concentrate into the clear dish and heat it, point to the tapered end of the pipe, and smoke from the other side.

Grav Labs 7” Clear Vapor Straw and Dish provides a much cleaner and easier option than other traditional pipes. It also features a pinch restriction to let you control the flow along with a marble roll stopper that keeps the straw in place after usage. Bring this mesmerizing piece of art to your friendly gatherings for fun hits.