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Adalya Premium Hookah Tobacco - JK 777

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Embark on a journey of taste with Adalya's JK 777, a hookah tobacco blend that offers an interesting and unique flavor of acai. This rare berry from faraway South America is known for its distinctive and captivating taste, reminiscent of a cross between blueberries, guarana, and grapes. Prepare to be enchanted by the aroma and indulged in the delightful hints of nuts and a chocolate aftertaste.

Adalya's JK 777 captures the essence of acai in every puff. The flavor of this exotic berry is like no other, combining the sweet and tart notes of blueberries with the energizing kick of guarana and the juicy sweetness of grapes. Each inhalation unveils a complex flavor profile that evolves on the palate, taking you on a unique taste adventure.

The aroma of Adalya's JK 777 is captivating, with the fragrance of the rare acai berry filling the air. The berry's aroma is accompanied by delightful hints of nuts, adding a touch of richness and depth to the overall experience. As you exhale, a subtle chocolate aftertaste lingers, leaving a satisfying and indulgent sensation.

The quality and craftsmanship of Adalya's JK 777 ensure a premium hookah experience. The blend is carefully crafted using high-quality tobacco leaves, guaranteeing a smooth and consistent smoke. The unique combination of acai, nuts, and chocolate flavors is expertly calibrated, allowing each element to shine through and creating a truly remarkable shisha session.

Indulge in the interesting and unique taste of acai with Adalya's JK 777. Let the aroma of this rare South American berry, the cross between blueberries, guarana, and grapes, along with hints of nuts and a chocolate aftertaste, transport you to a world of exotic flavors and sensory delight.

Key details:

  • Flavor: Acai with hints of blueberries, guarana, grapes, nuts, and chocolate
  • Interesting and unique taste experience
  • Captivating aroma of acai berry
  • Sweet and tart notes of blueberries
  • Energizing kick of guarana
  • Juicy sweetness of grapes
  • Delightful hints of nuts
  • Subtle chocolate aftertaste
  • Premium quality tobacco leaves
  • Smooth and consistent smoke
  • Evokes the essence of exotic flavors