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Amsterdam Blends Hookah Tobacco - Winter is Coming

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Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming, and so is a refreshing and invigorating experience with Amsterdam Smoke & Vape Shop's premixed hookah tobacco blend. This exquisite blend combines three fantastic flavors from Starbuzz's exotic collection, creating a mint lover's dream.

The first flavor in this blend is a sweet combination of blueberry and sugary melon. It adds a fruity twist to the overall profile, creating a delightful sensation on your taste buds.

Next up is Starbuzz's exotic White Mint, an intensely potent blend of sweet spearmint and crisp peppermint notes. The minty freshness envelops your senses, providing a cooling sensation that is both soothing and revitalizing.

Completing the trio is Starbuzz's exotic Winterfresh, a blend of wintergreen and mint, with a touch of sweetness reminiscent of the gum we all love. The combination of wintergreen and mint creates a refreshing and invigorating flavor that leaves you feeling revitalized.

Together, these three flavors blend harmoniously, offering a well-balanced and delightful hookah experience. The cooling and refreshing mint flavors complement the sweetness of blueberry and melon, creating a unique and satisfying sensation with every puff.

Whether you're a fan of minty flavors or simply looking to try something new, Winter is Coming is a must-try blend for any hookah enthusiast. Get ready to indulge in the minty goodness and experience the sensation of winter freshness with every session.


Key Details:

  • Winter is Coming is a premixed hookah tobacco blend from Amsterdam Smoke & Vape Shop.
  • It features a combination of three flavors: Starbuzz's exotic blueberry and sugary melon, Starbuzz's exotic White Mint with sweet spearmint and crisp peppermint, and Starbuzz's exotic Winterfresh with wintergreen and mint.
  • The blend offers a refreshing and invigorating experience, perfect for mint lovers.
  • Each flavor contributes its unique profile, with the fruity sweetness of blueberry and melon, the cooling freshness of mint, and the touch of sweetness reminiscent of a popular gum.
  • Winter is Coming delivers a well-balanced and delightful hookah session, leaving you feeling revitalized with every puff.