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Piece Water Solution 4oz

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As you smoke your glass pipe, resin and gunk start to fill up over time which can hinder the airflow or can alter the taste of the smoke, or at worse this gunk could become contagious and toxic to your stash. Piece Water Solution 4oz is specifically designed to prevent this fill-up of resin and gunk as it will efficiently get rid of it.

Piece Water Solution 4oz is a unique blend of high-quality minerals, vegetable, and fruits extracts, making it 100% natural, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. It prevents resin and gunk on your water pipes, bongs, or bubblers. Each water pipe usually holds 2oz of water so this solution can be used twice without any worries. It acts as a filtration medium for your smoke, keeping it clean and flavorful all while delivering stronger hits.